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In February 1987, leukaemia claimed the life of fourteen-year-old Paul O’Gorman. Within weeks of his death, Eddie and Marion started fundraising. Just nine months later, another devastating blow struck the family when Paul’s sister, Jean, was also killed by cancer. In November 1987, just days after Jean’s death, their parents, Eddie and Marion O’Gorman, met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by the double tragedy, she personally helped to establish this charity.To donate please follow this link

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USA - HIS Morning Crew review Snuggly Rascals

If headphones are too loud they can damage your little one's ears. But Snuggly Rascals are safe and they'll also keep their heads warm during cold snaps! Crew Review: Snuggly Rascals Comfy Kids' Headphones from HIS Radio on Vimeo.

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