Every month we select one or more children’s charity and donate 10% of the gross profit we make on Snuggly Rascals products.

Although we are based in the UK, our donations are not strictly for UK based charities.  We welcome you to recommend charities in the UK or rest of the world, which you would like us to donate to.  Unfortunately we can’t select every single recommendation we receive, but we will do our best to support as many as possible.

Please email with your recommendation. Updates will be announced on this page on our social media channels.

Charities we have previously supported:

We are currently supporting......

Kicks Count is a UK registered charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy.

A baby’s movement indicate its wellbeing and by understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby.

The money raised through fundraising helps pay for the leaflets and stickers that get the life saving information out. Awareness saves lives.

And we are also supporting......

My Room is a volunteer organisation dedicated to raising funds to achieve a 100 per cent cure rate for childhood cancers. Over the past 25 years, My Room has raised more than $17 million for childhood cancer research, clinical care, family support, and to improve the quality of life for patients.