Volume levels on kids’ wired headphones

When we first started Snuggly Rascals, we tested many big brand name wired kids’ headphones on the market. We discovered every single one was achieving results over the WHO recommended level of 85 decibels. We discovered this article which explains exactly why it’s not possible to set a maximum limit on wired headphones; it’s only possible with a digital limiter. In these tests, using an iPhone 6s, leading market headphones were achieving volume levels getting close to 110 decibels. You will also see the variance between different audio sources (including different smartphones) and how laptops and non lithium-ion powered devices have higher amplification levels.

Based on the above information, we initially marketed our version 1 wired headphones at substantially lower volume limits so even when used with laptops and similar, it was exceedingly difficult to exceed 85 decibels. The result was low customer satisfaction and high return rates.

We then launched our version 2 headphones, which are tested to 85 decibels using industry standard EN50332. The result is an extremely high level of customer satisfaction by comparison, as most customers use portable lithium-ion devices such as smartphones and tablet devices and most usage is during travel where outside noise levels are higher.

Usage and safe listening

The World Health Organisation suggest a maximum of 85 decibels for periods of up to 8 hours to protect hearing here. This is why most headphone manufacturers such as ourselves quote 85 decibels as a safe level of listening.

Some manufacturers actually set their audio level at 93 decibels as they don’t believe the industry standard 85 decibels to be realistic.

Most day to day usage of our headphones will not be for such long periods as 8 hours. Also music, videos etc do not have a constant stream of the same decibel levels; Up to 40+ decibels can vary during one song for example.

However, we cannot be entirely sure what usage our headphones will have, nor what device they will be used on so we include clear usage guides and safe listening advice within our packaging and on our website. This includes regular breaks, adults supervision, avoid usage at full volume and testing the amplification level of the audio device being used.


With full knowledge and transparency of the varying volume levels that can be achieved on wired headphones, we ensure our packaging and web site state that 85 decibels maybe exceeded. Should you notice any 3rd party retailer stating the limit of 85 decibels on our products without including a disclaimer or reference to our web site for more information, then please let us know by using our contact us page.

Child Safe

Our headphones have undergone product risk assessment by the leading global testing laboratory SGS. All child product safety tests recommended by SGS have been completed as well as addressing minor notes listed. These tests include audio levels, materials used, substances and even the clarity of our safety notices.

Volume Limited

Our headphones include a resistor which limits the sounds coming from the audio source. Standard adult wired headphones can go to much higher volume levels than our headphones designed for kids. Although as noted above, it is not possible to set a defined limit on wired headphones as the audio source amplification can vary, our headphones resist the volume to safer levels with devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our headphones are tested to 85 decibels using industry standard EN50332 testing. This is a regulated test with equipment complying to 2014/35/EU directive requirements.

Single cable configuration

The early designs of our speakers had a double cable configuration i.e. there were two cables coming out of the headband. When under a reasonable tension, the cable will break free from the speakers inside the headband. However, for added safety and also easier usage of our headphones, we changed to a single cable configuration where only one cable exits the headband.

Should you have received one of our early speakers with a double cable configuration, please feel free to contact us for a single cable speaker replacement.

Hook and loop fastening

We continually strive to offer the perfect fit and comfort for kids of a variety of ages and head sizes. We have tweaked the headband length and the size of the hook and loop fastening on a few occasions to try to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We’re due to release an updated version of the headbands hook and loop fastening in June 2019. This will have the loop fabric on the opposite side of the band and the hook fastening will be two small circles rather than one large rectangle. After initial tests, we have found that the headphones are neater whilst also staying fastened equally well. This design has enhanced safety as it will also release quicker when under higher tension levels. Should you wish to replace your existing headband for a new version free of charge, please contact us.

Customer satisfaction

With full knowledge and transparency of our headphones detailed above, we welcome all feedback from our customers.

We also want to ensure they are confident and happy with our headphones.

We offer a standard 2 year no-quibble warranty on our products. 

Please feel free to contact us either through our web site or by emailing info@snugglyrascals.com