Frequently Asked Questions
We try to keep our FAQ page as up-to-date as possible with as many answers as possible. If you can’t find what you need here, please visit our Contact page; we’ll try and get back to your query as soon as possible.


What are the differences between v2 and v1 Snuggly Rascals?

Version 2 (v2) is available in new characters, comes in new packaging, includes puzzles and stickers and the speakers are now in a single wire configuration. The speakers have also been enhanced to ensure a high level of audio performance in all environments.

The sound is a bit quiet/I can't hear anything. What should I do?
If the volume seems low or you can’t hear anything from the speakers, here are a few suggestions to try (although some suggestions sound obvious, they are mistakes easily made):

  • Check the connection (3.5mm audio jack) between the headphones and the device (tablet/phone etc). Ensure it is properly clicked in, and there are no protective cases/covers stopping a secure connection.
  • Check the positioning of the speakers within the headband. The speakers can be moved (and removed for washing purposes), so ensure the speakers are over the ear when the headband is worn.
  • Double check the speakers are not facing the wrong way in the headband. There is a navy blue side to the speakers. The navy blue side is where the audio comes out from; this should be facing towards the users head/ears.
  • Try using other devices (tablets/phones) to test and put the volume on maximum. Some tablet devices designed for children are already volume limited, so this would reduce the volume of our headphones to lower than 85 decibels which would make them very hard to hear.

If there is still no audio coming from the headphones, then please email and we can arrange a replacement set of speakers to be sent.

Is the volume limited?
Our headphones are volume limited to 85 decibels with standard usage. This is the recommended standard to protect hearing over longer periods of usage.  Please note, volume may exceed 85 decibels if using highly amplified source of audio.

Can you send me higher volume speakers instead?
Our speakers are limited to 85 decibels to protect hearing. However, if you still feel they are particularly quiet and you’re still not entirely satisfied after reading through our FAQ suggestions, we are happy to send out a replacement set of 105dB speakers free of charge. To do this, please order your free set here.

Will the headphones be loud enough for an airplane?
Yes, Snuggly Rascals are ideal for long or short haul travel.

Can you remove the headphones to wash the band?
The headphones can be removed from the headband via the openings on the band. The headband can be washed, the washing instructions can be found inside the headband.

My speakers have broken, can I get a replacement set?
Yes. Should you need to a replacement set of speakers, please click here to order.  Please note, we may respond requesting a proof of initial purchase.

I have problems with the velcro fastening
There is a thin piece of material/film covering the curly part of the velcro fastening. This is there to protect the integrity of the velcro before usage. Please remove this thin material/film for the velcro fastening to work correctly.

Is there a particular way to wear the headphones/wire?
Feed the speaker wire(s) out of the headband and down the back of the head/neck, before connecting to your device.  

What size head do the headphones fit?
There are large velcro pieces at each end of the headband which means they should fit any kids head (and most adults!). The size range is 38cm to 58cm and there’s also a bit of give/stretch with the fabric if needed.

Is there a wireless version?
We are currently working on a wireless version and we will hopefully be able to release the product by mid 2018.

What ages are the headphones suitable for?
There’s no upper age limit to who can enjoy Snuggly Rascals headphones. However, as with any set of headphones, the cord/wire is a potential strangulation hazard, so we recommend a lower age limit of 3+ years. However, we are aware that many customers have children of younger ages using our products. We always recommend adult supervision for children of all ages though.

Is it safe to sleep with these headphones on?
As with any set of wired headphones, although the risks are very small we would recommend that children do not sleep with the headphones on unless supervised by an adult.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship our products all over the world. We will try to ship from a warehouse closest to your location to try and make delivery as quickly as possible.