10 best kids' headphones - Comfort, volume limiters and a dose of fun are key when it comes to children’s headphones

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Snuggly Rascals, were featured on ITV's This Morning, with Phillip & Holly. Our headphones were featured in the Ultimate Gift Guide for kids.

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"Great gift idea for kids and teens."

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"These comfy, cosy and washing machine-friendly ’phones have been crafted especially to entertain and snuggle kids’ craniums."

Gift Guide

"The soft fleecy headband contains earphones for kids - for comfy listening."


Gearing up for a summer full of trips and fun can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Family and lifestyle blogger Julie Kieras joined us in Studio B with some unique products to make packing a whole lot easier.

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"When your child starts asking for headphones, get them a set of Snuggly Rascals and help protect their precious hearing!"

Online Review

"The next time you give your child a tablet, a phone, or any kind of electronic device, make sure you provide them with Snuggly Rascal headphones."

Online Review

"Give your kids these adorable, soft-fleece headphones from Snuggly Rascals and enjoy an hour of quiet."

USA - HIS Morning Crew review Snuggly Rascals

Travel Gadget Review

"This combination of a soft fleece headband with built-in headphones is such a smart idea, it’s surprising nobody came up with it sooner."

Best Kids Headphones 2017

"We like a product that tries something different, and that’s the case with Snuggly Rascals over-ear children headphones."

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"Snuggly Rascals headphones are a smart little invention for kids that can’t get enough of their tablets and iPods."

Kids products reviewed by kids...."This is such a clever and fun idea for Kidz. “20 Stars” out of 5 Stars."

Top 12 Gadget Gifts

"No 8, These headphones are sound limited and ultra comfy."

38 out of 45

"The ultimate Christmas gift guide for kids."


"...really clever idea and there was no way to get around the volume limiter that I or my five-year-old research assistant could figure"

Top 12 Gadget Gifts

"Keep the kids quiet and give yourself a break this holiday!"

Summer Fun for Kids

"Summer is road-trip season and these are a must!"

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"A range of character designs which means you’re bound to find something to suit your children’s taste"