Supershoppers: Snuggly Rascals Feature

This page has been created for any customers or viewers of the show who may have any questions related to our products, including links to additional information including safe usage, product safety and free of charge replacement speakers.

We have sold different versions of our headphones in the past with varying volume levels. Our current product has extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and has been tested to 85dB according to industry standards.  This testing allows for the unique headband design of our product which provides sound dampening and leakage. Whilst wired kids headphones cannot be fully restricted (see our Design & Safety page here) we include safe usage guidance with our products as well as on our web site and we also promote our safe listening page here.

We apologise if any customers feel misled by the information on our packaging. We are currently undergoing development of our new range of products and the packaging will be reviewed at the same time.

Should any of our customers be dissatisfied with the volume levels of our products, we offer lower volume speakers completely free of charge. 

Official Statement for Supershoppers

Below is our full un-edited statement:

"We have extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and make best efforts to offer products which are safe for use and pass all relative product certifications. Our packaging quotes volume levels which are widely regarded as safe however we also advise consumers to consult the usage instructions included with our products along with safe listening advice on our website. As noted in our disclaimer and on our website, sound levels may exceed 85 decibels in certain conditions.
We openly offer lower or higher volume replacement speakers free of charge to customers should they not be satisfied with the sound levels of the product they receive.“