Speakers inside the headband are movable (and removable). We recommend adjusting the speakers inside the band accordingly to ensure they are over your ears when the band is secured on your head.

Age recommendation:
We recommend age 3+ usage for Snuggly Rascals headphones. Adult supervision is recommended for any age usage.

Cable/wire is a potential choking and strangulation hazard - Avoid use whilst sleeping/exercising/play - This product is not a toy - Do not use the headphones around the neck - Whilst wearing the headphones, be aware of surroundings - Using headphones can reduce your ability to hear potential hazards.

Prolonged use of the headphones while listening to loud music could result in damage to the hearing of the wearer - Stickers included in this product could present an airway obstruction hazard - Velcro ‘remove’ sticker should be removed by a parent or caregiver before giving the headphones to a child.